Jubilee Foods is part of Café Jubilee Group of Companies, based in Gozo, Malta.

Company History
Café Jubilee, Victoria, Gozo, opened its doors in 1998 by the Scicluna brothers, after having operated another restaurant and commercial catering operation. This café was such a success that a second outlet was opened in 2000 in Valletta, Malta. After a period of consolidation, a third café was opened in Gzira, Malta in 2005. At the same time, the International Division of Café Jubilee was established. In 2010, Café Jubilee expanded its operations, this time offshore in Budapest, Hungry; its first international café! That same year, Café Jubilee travelled even further, to Shanghai, China as it was invited to be the sole food and beverage operator at the Malta Pavilion throughout the World Expo 2010.

Jubilee Foods
When the first Café Jubilee opened, the menu included traditional foods, all made by hand and following family recipes that were handed from one generation to another. The Nanna’s Cheeslets Ravioli became very popular as people recognised the genuineness of this dish. Since such product was not available in the market, patrons were asking if they could buy the ravioli to cook them home for their families and friends. Prior to the opening of the third Café Jubilee, in 2000 the Scicluna brothers took another key decision, that to launch Jubilee Foods, a food production company. Jubilee Foods embody the ethos where the words ‘genuine’ and ‘home-made’ are still given their real meaning and where they translate into simply superb food that take your culinary experience back to traditional roots using natural and fresh ingredients with no additives. Products include a selection of traditional Maltese and Gozitan dishes whose recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. Jubilee Foods immediately started its first distribution to all Café Jubilee outlets. The demand for the Nanna’s Ravioli increased and distribution nationwide, in supermarkets and restaurants kicked off in 2003.  In the meantime, more food products were being developed, certified and produced for the cafés.

In 2009, Jubilee Foods Retail opened 3 specialized gourmet food shops within two months. Jubilee Foods branded shops are in Malta, Ibragg; Qormi, and in Victoria, Gozo. The shops offer the full range of Jubilee Foods frozen, ready-to-cook food for customers to enjoy at home. Special attention was given to the packaging, not only the design but also ensured that it carried extensive dietary information.  New products that were launched in the shops immediately started getting their share of success, the Traditional Imqaret (Crispy pastry with a moist aniseed infused dates filling) and the Traditional Lampuki Pie (Dorado fish pie).

Additionally, gourmet artisan jarred products showcasing Gozo farmers’ specialities were added to complement the frozen selection. In Jubilee Foods shops one will find traditional high-quality products, such as the unique Comino Honey, the famous Gozo Traditional Cheeslets & Peppered ones, truly Sun-dried Tomatoes, Gozo Fruit Conserves, natural Gozo Sea Salt, “Maltese” Coffee “Kafe tat-Tisjir”, Honey Rings, Almonds Nougat, Wine and much more. Our products are enjoyed by customers worldwide from Japan to Australia, from Europe to USA.

Jubilee Foods follow the Maltese culinary calendar and one can always find a seasonal specialty. “Our regular clients look forward not only to our usual range of foodstuffs but also to the specialties that Jubilee Foods chefs are well-known for preparing every season. As always, there are no preservatives or additives used in the our recipes and even our seasonal specialties adhere to the Jubilee Foods concept of bringing back wholesome artisan foods prepared from fresh produce”.
Last year, Jubilee Foods extended its range of foods in the supermarkets and restaurants distribution, from homemade pies to pastizzi and ftiras (local delicacies).

Now Jubilee Foods has reached another milestone and has travelled to Germany with a selection of artisan foods that is now available at Essclusiv in Potsdam, Germany.

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