To start building your hamper click on Step 1 above. This will take you to a variety of hamper packaging available. Every Packaging can hold a number of Jubilee Foods products, therefore it is very important to read your selected packaging’s details.

The packaging’s details can be found under the Details tab of the said packaging.

Once you select you desired packaging and read its details carefully, press on the Add to Basket button. This will automatically redirect you to the Step Screen, where you can now move on to the next step of building your hamper.


Now that the first step is complete you should be seeing a big green OK symbol on Step 1. Pressing Step 2 will take you to our variety of products categories available.

Click on the desired product category icon and choose which particular product you would like to add to the hamper.
Press Add to Basket to insert the product into your hamper. Once done so, a red note at top of your page will give you the opportunity to either keep adding products to your hamper or to close your hamper and place the order.

Pressing Add more products to your hamper will take you to our products category page allowing you to browse for a new product to add. One the other hand, pressing Close your hamper and checkout will take you to the steps page where you can proceed to Step 3 to checkout and place your order.


Finally, pressing Step 3 will redirect you to the checkout page. You will see an overview of the products, quantities and packaging you had chosen during the process. On this page you can also add quantities and/or remove undesired products.

Press Checkout button to proceed to entering your details and purchasing the hamper!


During the process of building a hamper do not press other links and/or visit other pages
Delivery is free to both Malta and Gozo when spending EURO 70.00 or over
Build one hamper at a time. Multiple hamper creation is not suggested to be done simultaneously.
The 10% discount will be deducted at the final step of the checkout

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