Do we ship overseas?
Yes we do ship non frozen products. There are some countries that limit the products which can be shipped.
Shipping charges apply. For further information, contact Ruth Camilleri at

Do we deliver in Malta and Gozo?
Yes, we do deliver hampers and frozen foods at an additional charge.

Are cooking instructions indicated on the packaging?
Yes, each frozen ready to cook product has the cooking instructions listed on the package. Due to variations in all ovens, cooking times and/or temperature may require adjustment from such cooking instructions.

Do I thaw the frozen foods before cooking them?
No, you cook and bake such products from frozen with the exception of Apple & Sultanas Pie. You are to thaw this pie and then bake.

Are these Jubilee Foods Nanna’s Ravioli the same as the ones that are packaged in a red plastic bag which one can buy from the supermarkets?
Yes, they are the same ravioli, just different packaging.

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